Extended Vidya Siri to Poor Students

Minister for Social Welfare had recently announced a note regarding the extension of Vidya Siri Scheme to all poor students including OC candidates in order to vanish boarding and lodging problems of meritorious candidates. This statement was announced by H. Anjaneya who is the Minister for Social Welfare on this Monday in Legislative Council.

Going through the actual scheme, Vidya Siri was introduced an launched on October 1, 2013 where merit student will get Rs. 1500 for 10 months as a stipend. But there are about 1.6 lakh applications received by the department where they should filter of about 20k from the applications based on Merit. In my view, this was really a head breaking task.

However, there are few comments raised by the members of the government that this benefits should be extended for the whole year that limiting it to only 10 months. Going forward, there was an comment made that the income ceiling or limitation should be removed to avoid discrimination among the candidate categories like Category 1, 2A, 3A and 3B.

To freeze or to confirm this decision, all the candidates have to wait few more days. Besides that Mr. Anjaneya confirmed that government “would” extend the same for the poor students where each student will get Rs.1500 per month upto 10 months under Vidya Siri Scheme.

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