Guide to Apply for VidyaSiri Scholarship

Most of the students are asking us for a guide on how to apply for Vidyasiri Scholarship or Karnataka ePass. Accepting their request, here is the complete tutorial showing you with few images on applying for KarePass Scholarship for the current academic year. Whole Karnataka state is now applying for the scholarship and based on the eligibility; the web app will accept the details from the respective candidates. The official website for this task is with all the necessary function live for the applying and applied candidates.

Using this web application, already filled in candidates can take their renewal process with a simple interface. All they need to enter the previous year application number to extract the corresponding information from the server. After getting all those, the candidate needs just to check the details and then resubmit the online application to get the scholarship.

Freshers should go through a long process starting from entering the proofs like Income certification of the parent, Caste certificate, etc. When they move to renewal phase, this entire process will be skipped because the department will preserve these details for the student. Refer the following steps to know how to fill up KarePass Scholarship through

Procedure to submit VidyaSiri Online Application

Step 1: Logon to

Step 2: Select the appropriate function from the Apply Online section (Fresh or Renewal)

karepass vidyasiri

Step 3: For Fresh, you will get the following  screen. Fill all the details to get the Part II application that contains all the sensitive data.


Step 4: For Renewal, the following details are mandatory. If you forget the Vidyasiri Application Number, it is possible to retrieve it. Complete submitting all the details as shown below.


The part II application for both types changes. For fresher application, he/she need to enter all the necessary details. But for renewals, as they submitted the info already in the previous year, they need to cross check the info before finalizing. If everything found okay, then send the renewal Vidya Siri online application.

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